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We keep on filling the list with new ideas (the latest ones is marked in green)

A for ACCOMMODATION: Pick an accommodation where it is room for kids to be kids. We have earlier have had great luck with cottages from Child Friendly Cottages / @CFcottages.

B for BIG FAMILY: Check apartments or suite-hotels to be able to stay together, pre-book seat on airlines to avoid stressful situations, talk about what activities can be fun for everyone and how to make sure everyone get some “special for you” time.

C for CHILD SAFETY: Agree upon where to meet if you lose each other, write your phone number on the kid’s forearm, and leave a hotel card and/or your business card in their pockets

D for DIARY: Give the kids a notebook and some crayons to draw/write down stories from the trip. They will love to look at it when they return home, and also comes handy when talking to friends/grandparents about their experiences. Check our Travel Diaries post for more tips.

E for EXPECTATIONS: Make sure you talk to the kids about the trip so they know what kind of trip to expect. This will make it much easier to have fun.

F for FLEXIBILITY: Start the planning well in advance – the planning is half the fun! However, make sure to have flexibility for when you like to do what (and not get too fixed on the ideas you had before you had any experience from the place)

G for GOOD TIMES FOR EVERYONE: Plan for activities that all can enjoy. To go shopping for new shoes for Mom can make
both Mom and all others in the family very frustrated.

H for HISTORIES: Make small histories from the places you visit to make it easier for the kids to remember the different places you visit. Maybe they can draw the history in their Travel Diaries?

I for INSURANCE: We highly recommend you to have travel insurance covering ALL family members. A great assurance if some of you get sick or you are so unlucky that clothes/valuables are stolen

J for enjoy the JOURNEY: Instead of rushing from A to B make sure you enjoy the time spent in the car/on the train or plane. Check our blog post about Car Travel tips.

L for LUGGAGE: Pack as lite as possible to make it easy to move around and ask the kids to pack their (limited!) toys/books/music collection in their own backpacks.

L for LOCATION: Choose accommodation close to amenities such as transport, parks and attractions. A good view and a balcony can also be smart since parents most of the nights like to stay up a few more hours than the kids.

M for MAKING MEMORIES: Take photos, bring some souvenirs home but most important of all explore the destinations together to build joint memories for later chats and nostalgic talks 20 year from now.

N for NETWORK: Search your network to see if you have somebody with local knowledge of your destination. They can recommend the best play grounds, the local restaurants, the best beaches, all to fit your personal taste.

T for THEME SONG: A few weeks before departure search for a song which you one way or another connect to the place you go. Let the whole family listen to the song before, during and after the trip. Play it loud in the car and sing along with your kids – it will make you smile.

…..more letters to follow


5 tips on how to deal with jet lag

Kids’ travel diaries to keep the memories

To gather the thoughts before, under and after a trip we recommend introducing a Travel diary to your kids. This can be used as early as 4-5 years old since a drawing can be as informative as a long text.   Before our last summer vacation, many Saturday mornings was filled by looking for pictures on the internet, print them, draw them and cut & glue them into the book.  During the vacation, the kids where tired after long days filled with activities and in the evening they often found it calming to sit down and draw/write in their little books.

We expected the kids to forget about the books after returning home, but they have been very proud of their work (and they should be) and have brought the diaries with them to show to both their grandparents and friends at school/ daycare.

Some ideas:

  • Draw the best part of the day
  • Write about what we have done today
  • Find a postcard and stick in the book
  • Draw the food/ice-cream/cookie/fruit you had earlier today
  • Include tickets/receipts from attractions/restaurants
  • Write a wish list for tomorrow

Since pictures can say more than thousand words, we will keep this blog post short and sweet and instead show you some photos for inspiration:

Travel diary NYC 4

Travel diary London 

  Read more

5 tips to make the car trip better for everyone

Who have not experienced the kids start fighting before you even have left the neighbourhood? With some preparation you can make the time in the car better for everyone. Bring these tips with you next time you are planning a car trip.

1. Don’t be in a rush – instead try to make the trip as an integrated part of your family vacation. Remember that the kids are strapped down in those car seat and the build up of energy can be massive. Take breaks and let the kids run around for a while. Why not check if there are some places of interest along the road you have not checked out before? (sometimes we forget to check out our own vicinity)

2. Experiment what time of the day is most suitable for your family. Some kids fall asleep in the car and others like to stay up and look at everything happening outside the window. If the kids do not mind to sleep, why not leave late in the afternoon and enjoy some quite time in the front seat when the kids are sleeping in the back? Read more

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