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Festivals – a lot of fun for the whole family

The trend is that more festivals make an effort to make the kids feel as welcome as the grown-ups. Why not visit a festival on your next family vacation?    Our favorite  festivals and annual happenings for kids in all ages. We hope to hear about your best tip as well.


USA, Houston: Houston Childrens Festival – Shows, concerts and a lot of fun for kids. Check their web page:  Houston Childrensfestival


NORWAY, Oslo: Mini-ØYA , a music festival dedicated for families and kids. The volume is lower than in an ordinary festival, but the feel-good atmosphere is great for both kids and grown-ups with a lot of activities in addition to the concerts (such as theaters, crafting station, dance performances and more). The favorite amongst our little troupers. We highly recommend you to put it on your to-do-list. Read more


Kids’ travel diaries to keep the memories

To gather the thoughts before, under and after a trip we recommend introducing a Travel diary to your kids. This can be used as early as 4-5 years old since a drawing can be as informative as a long text.   Before our last summer vacation, many Saturday mornings was filled by looking for pictures on the internet, print them, draw them and cut & glue them into the book.  During the vacation, the kids where tired after long days filled with activities and in the evening they often found it calming to sit down and draw/write in their little books.

We expected the kids to forget about the books after returning home, but they have been very proud of their work (and they should be) and have brought the diaries with them to show to both their grandparents and friends at school/ daycare.

Some ideas:

  • Draw the best part of the day
  • Write about what we have done today
  • Find a postcard and stick in the book
  • Draw the food/ice-cream/cookie/fruit you had earlier today
  • Include tickets/receipts from attractions/restaurants
  • Write a wish list for tomorrow

Since pictures can say more than thousand words, we will keep this blog post short and sweet and instead show you some photos for inspiration:

Travel diary NYC 4

Travel diary London 

  Read more

5 essential tips for a easy flight experience with the kids

When flying with kids follow these 5 small hints and advices to make the trip better for all of you

1. Inform the kids about the different stages of the trip in advance (We are first taking the car to the airport, where the check-in and security lines are waiting. We are going on to the plane just after we have had a bite to eat, and we will have to sit in our seats all the way to fast the seatbelt signed is turned off ….). If you have managed to book the seats in advance this is the time to also agree upon who will have the window seat and who will sit next to who. 

2. Bring some snack, wet wipes and an extra set of clothes (that include clothes also for yourself)

3. Hide some toys a few days/weeks before the traveling date and bring it with you as a nice surprise when your kid is getting restless in his/her seat. A IPAD or another game console can be a blessing on longer flights.

4. Try to avoid the earliest/latest departures (A tired kid is often a whining kid)

5. Arrive early at the airport for a calm check-in/security check and to give the kids some time to explore on the airport (look at planes, follow the luggage, talk to a pilot, eat an ice cream….)

+ 3 Kids Travel Tip: Traveling with small children but do not have seats next to each other?  They will many times not be able to help you at the airport, but do not worry too much about it. The flight attendants are used to this and will assist you as soon as you are on board. Enjoy your flight!


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