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5 tips to make the car trip better for everyone

Who have not experienced the kids start fighting before you even have left the neighbourhood? With some preparation you can make the time in the car better for everyone. Bring these tips with you next time you are planning a car trip.

1. Don’t be in a rush – instead try to make the trip as an integrated part of your family vacation. Remember that the kids are strapped down in those car seat and the build up of energy can be massive. Take breaks and let the kids run around for a while. Why not check if there are some places of interest along the road you have not checked out before? (sometimes we forget to check out our own vicinity)

2. Experiment what time of the day is most suitable for your family. Some kids fall asleep in the car and others like to stay up and look at everything happening outside the window. If the kids do not mind to sleep, why not leave late in the afternoon and enjoy some quite time in the front seat when the kids are sleeping in the back?

3. Bring some games or make up a game together when you travel. 20 Questions, the first one to see a specific item (a red Volvo, a bridge or the road sign showing the direction to your destination)  or making stories including agreed upon words.  Don’t bring games with small pieces that can fall between cracks or under seats, as they will inevitably do exactly that.

4. Let the kids watch a film (if the car does not have an entertainment system, we recommend to invest in a Ipad or a portable DVD player (or a double one so that multiple kids can watch). NB: if you going for a long ride you should in advance test if any of the kids get motion sick when watching the screen when driving.

5. Listen to audio books on the car stereo. There are a lot of good stories out there, which everybody in the family can enjoy to listen to. The hours will go by swiftly.

Enjoy your  <a href=”“>family vacation </a>

3+ Kids Travel Tip: If possible, try to agree in advance who is sitting where in the car or the rules of switching seats. This way you do not start to argue even before you have started the trip……and remember, be a good example and Buckle up!


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  1. We do GeoCaching during our road trips! Our daughter loves it she calls it treasure hunting. Makes here get excited about going on trips most of the time she gets more excited about the drive then the destination. As they say its all about the journey not the destination!

    October 31, 2012
  2. Thank you for the great tip. Do you have a suggestion where we can read more about the topic?

    November 21, 2012

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