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5 essential tips for a easy flight experience with the kids

When flying with kids follow these 5 small hints and advices to make the trip better for all of you

1. Inform the kids about the different stages of the trip in advance (We are first taking the car to the airport, where the check-in and security lines are waiting. We are going on to the plane just after we have had a bite to eat, and we will have to sit in our seats all the way to fast the seatbelt signed is turned off ….). If you have managed to book the seats in advance this is the time to also agree upon who will have the window seat and who will sit next to who. 

2. Bring some snack, wet wipes and an extra set of clothes (that include clothes also for yourself)

3. Hide some toys a few days/weeks before the traveling date and bring it with you as a nice surprise when your kid is getting restless in his/her seat. A IPAD or another game console can be a blessing on longer flights.

4. Try to avoid the earliest/latest departures (A tired kid is often a whining kid)

5. Arrive early at the airport for a calm check-in/security check and to give the kids some time to explore on the airport (look at planes, follow the luggage, talk to a pilot, eat an ice cream….)

+ 3 Kids Travel Tip: Traveling with small children but do not have seats next to each other?  They will many times not be able to help you at the airport, but do not worry too much about it. The flight attendants are used to this and will assist you as soon as you are on board. Enjoy your flight!


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  1. This has always been a huge concern for me. I do a lot of flying for work and there is nothing that drives me more insane then annoying kids on a plane, especially ones that are involve long overnight flights.

    I get torn in both directions because I’m a parent of a four year old and I can’t help but not wanting to be the parent of “that annoying kid on the plane”.

    Here’s some additional tips that I use with my daughter.

    1. If you fly a lot always use the same airline. This will get you access to the priority security lines. Often in a separate section of the airport. At LAX for example you can normal clear security in like 5 – 10 minutes. You also get access to lounges many of which have a family room.

    2. Before you board let the gate know you have a young child and see about boarding early, they will almost always let you if you ask.

    3. Get seats near the back of the plane. These are always last filled seats and the are close the bathroom.

    Last but not least be considerate of the other passengers by not putting your child in first or business class and book the entire row of seats your child is in. There is nothing worse then being sat next to kid on long plane trip. Depending on the plane type your on there is almost always rows that are only two or three seats. If you have to book an empty seat to get the whole row tell the airline that’s what your doing and why. Many will give you a massive discount on this type of ticket. Got one from LAX to New Zealand for only $100.

    October 31, 2012
    • Dear Avery,

      Thank you for your great tips. We did not now it was possible to buy an extra seat just to have some more room for the kids.

      Most of us have had the feeling of being both annoyed and feeling sympathies for the person next to us travelling with a small child.

      We think the best thing to do is to try to give some kind of support with a smile, a nod or a helping hand, because if you instead use the energy to give disapproving looks the parents will just get more stressed. And the result? a more stressed baby, which most likely will cry even harder.

      Good luck on your next trip – we hope there are only happy babies and kids busy with their toys.

      November 21, 2012

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